Gym Floor Covers

Gym Floor Covers

The gym is a sanctuary for fitness freaks. From sweating it out by doing cardio exercises or lifting heavy weights, people take care of their health and build physical aesthetics based on their desire to achieve peak physical fitness. No matter the objective behind hitting the gym, it is important for gymgoers nevertheless to maintain the gym in proper condition. Otherwise the kind of moisture and humidity it absorbs on a daily basis, if not taken care of, molds and structural damage of the floors apart from a smelly atmosphere would ruin the fitness experience. To protect the gym floors from damage, placing gym mats are extremely important. Here are some of the advantages of using custom mats on the gym floor.

Sound absorption

The humming of treadmills and the noise emanating from heavy machinery, grunts of the weight lifters, and loud inspirational music – the gym can be a noisy place. A good mat placed on the floor like a rubber mat roll could absorb a lot of these sounds and provide a peaceful environment without hampering the sleep of neighbors. Such mats provide fantastic sound insulation.

Anti-slippery surface

Since there’s humungous sweat pouring during strenuous physical exercise, exercising on the naked floor is not a good idea as the moisture can create a slippery surface which could cause people to slip and injure themselves. A good mat takes care of this problem by absorbing moisture and providing an anti-slippery surface so that the exercise is performed smoothly.

Shock absorption

The heavy iron weights if slammed repeatedly could cause structural damage to the floor. To protect the surface from any such unintended damages, a shock absorber needs to be in place. Rubber mats with the natural anti-porous and water-resistant properties of rubber are the ideal material to be used in this case.

Reduced risk of injury

Many people perform intense physical exercises with limited intervals like cross-fit or high-intensity interval training workouts. Such demanding exercises can take a toll on the body and if not performed under supervision could lead to injury. The injury could be grave if such exercises are performed without a mat. The mats significantly reduce the risk of any such injuries by a great margin.


These mats come in various shapes, thicknesses, and sizes according to the space of the gym and the needs of the individual. For yoga and pilates, foam mats are the best bet, and for HIIT and weight-lifting exercises, synthetic turfs are the best option. Similarly, for elite sportspersons who follow an Olympic weightlifting regimen, an anti-shock rubber mat roll is the most suitable. In general, the heavier the weight, the thicker the mat should be. Be it an outdoor gym or a home gym, such mat rolls are available in custom sizes that serve a multitude of purposes ranging from outdoor aerobics or yoga session involving a lot of people or a cozy intense workout indoors.

Easy fit and maintenance

What is outstanding about these mats is the fact that it doesn’t need any special fitter to install or any special maintenance. These can be easily installed with the instructions provided in the manual. The gym equipment lasts longer with these mats.


Even with all the above-mentioned advantages of these mats, the most outstanding one is perhaps their cheap price. Considering the value-addition these mats provide, it is practically a steal at the current price structure.

Wide color palette

These mats are available in an extensive range of colors and often dual-colored ones as well which has an element of sensory delight to it. A colorful and vibrant gym is much more appealing to a gymgoer than a monochromatic sober one.


Be it strength and conditioning, functional training, weight training, cross-fit, HIIT, or cardio and sprinting exercises, these mats are multi-purpose substances. Also, these are equally adequate to withstand sports and recreational activities like pilates, boxing, mixed martial arts, gymnastics, and yoga.


A well-functioning and adequately maintained gym is the first preference of a fitness enthusiast. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to keep it fully functioning at all times. The floor covering is the most important component of a gym, even ahead of robust machinery and gym equipment. This is because it is the surface that takes all the impact of physical activity. Ensuring the protection of the subfloor and avoiding injury-free physical activity is thus of paramount importance. Gym mats are crucial floor covers that act as a safety net against such problems. Apart from these functions, these mats provide heat insulation during winter, and sound and shock absorption as well. These are must-have for any gym builder or home gym-owners.


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