Best Tips To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile in 2023

Best Tips To Optimize Your Google My Business Profile in 2023

You must have a Google My Business profile if you own a physical business. It is not enough to just create it and forget it exists. You must work on it to make it successful.

It is essential to improve local SEO if you want to promote your company and increase sales. We will show you how to optimize your Google My Business profile.

If you are searching for how to get free leads for my business then, GMB ( Google My Business) should be your first choice.


What is Local SEO? Why is it important to consider it

You are probably searching the Internet for things such as “Where to eat near city name”, or “A bookshop nearby”; Local SEO is responding to this type of search.

When you do these searches, the first thing that comes up is a list of businesses located near your location. This is based on Google My Business profiles. These profiles are often included in Google Maps so that users can find your business with just a click.

Another way to put it is that Local SEO is a set of actions that aim at increasing visibility for your business online depending on where you live. Local SEO can be started with the creation of a profile on Google My Business.

This will allow you to target your business or company. This is becoming more important as more people search for this type of information.

Local SEO also responds to the query “I want to visit  “. Most of these searches result in the customer dining at your restaurant or having their car repaired at your garage.


Consider the following factors when positioning your profile on GMB:


This is either at the zip code level or, if there are many rivals, at the coordinate level. Google will return search results for “Restaurants in the city”, depending on where you live. They won’t be the same for everybody.

It is highly recommended to follow the following steps to optimize geolocation:

  •  In MyMaps, create a map of your business and other places of interest.
  •  In your profile, include geolocated photos.
  •  Link to pages of local authorities, such as Wikipedia or the website for the town hall where you are located.
  • You can use different online tools to create your geo sitemap.


Create a Schema that is as complete as you can

To make it easy for the Google algorithm to crawl a Schema, the goal is. This is to say, it will tell you who, what, and where we’re located. The Schema must include the following information: company name and logo, URL to the company’s site, type of business, hours, etc.

We recommend that you participate in forums, seek interviews in local media and request inclusion in directories like TripAdvisor or Yellow Pages.


Reviews and ratings

The ratings and reviews are other important factors that do not depend on us. Google will penalize us if we don’t achieve this natural growth rate. The reviews must not only be numerous but also high-quality.

They should speak highly of our business and include photographs. can improve our profile by responding to reviews from our clients politely, and respectfully, and using keywords that can identify our business.

Users will be more likely to recommend our business if we have a high score and can get reviews. 85% read reviews before deciding which business they want to visit.

Another indicator of the importance of rating is that 55% of consumers will not choose businesses with less than four stars in their Google My Business profile.


You should also optimize other elements in your Google My Business profile

We must also include the following elements in our Google My Business Profile. These are equally important or more so than the ones we have already mentioned:

Company name.

Add the name of your business in the correct order and with the right spelling.


Telephone, location, etc

All information must be consistent. This means that the data must be identical in every part (webpage, Google My Business directories, etc.).



We must select the categories that are most appropriate for our business. We recommend that you choose the same category as a competitor if you are unsure about them.


Service Area

This is the area in which the business offers its services. It is recommended to include the postal code and precise coordinates.



You must be able to work in this aspect. This includes vacation closures, holidays, and weekends.



It is strongly recommended that you create a descriptive description that is optimized for keywords and long enough. This will allow our clients to find out what we do, and it will also serve the Google algorithm to place us.


Date of opening of a business

If you don’t know how to do these things, Contact Digital Specialist so they can help you create your Google My Business profile and generate benefits for you in the future.


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