Dino Clash Tribal War, a strategic PvP game featuring dinosaurs

Dino Clash Tribal War, a strategic PvP game featuring dinosaurs

A new Jurassic-era role-playing game called Dino Clash: Tribal Conflict lets you create an army of prehistoric warriors and dinosaurs. Becoming the strongest during the Stone Age needs you to employ the art of battle. It is a sizable strategic war game. It was created by NEOWIZ, which also created the online card games Dino Game Blackjack 21, Golf Impact – World Tour, Forest Island: Calming Game, and TAPSONIC TOP – Music Grand Prix.

Game features

You’ll need to assemble a team of dinosaurs and archaic heroes for Dino Clash: Tribal War. You must combine your heroes throughout gameplay in order to gain strength. Your finger may be used to drag and combine. The positioning and structure of the attack will also be crucial to success.

You may choose from a total of 14 Jurassic-era dinosaurs, including the T-rex, pteranodon, and many more. Moreover, there will be 25 unique primitive warriors, like a huge warrior, a crimson wizard, a restorative shaman, and others. All of them have tremendous powers and may be enhanced. Also, each dinosaur will possess unique abilities.

You can explore over 500 stages as you continue your adventure. Various rewards can be unlocked, and your very own formation can be constructed to defeat the enemy. A 1v1 PvP Arena mode is also available.

Game pre-registration

On Google Play, Android users can now pre-register for Dino Clash: Tribal Battle. With the possibility of in-app purchases, the game is free to play. Regarding a future iOS version, the game’s makers haven’t provided any information. If any news does come in, we’ll let you know.

While a precise debut date has not yet been specified, it was previously said that it will be available in the first half of 2023.


Riot Games has confirmed that their incredibly popular FPS will be making its way over to mobile devices. Over 14 million players are enjoying the game on PC on a daily basis, so the demand for VALORANT Mobile was always going to be huge.

If you’re – somehow – unfamiliar with the game, it is a 5v5 multiplayer FPS shooter set in the near future. Players can select from a roster of Agents, each of which possesses unique skills and abilities alongside numerous guns such as SMGs, shotguns and assault rifles, among others. There are several game modes to choose from, though the most popular mode uses the traditional attack and defend formula.

Racing Master

Racing Master is a racing game developed by NetEase and Codemasters that promises to give players the most immersive racing experience Android can offer. Built on a groundbreaking physics engine, the game includes hundreds of fully licensed luxury cars, extensive customization, and stunning racetracks such as Yas Marina, Sicily, and Barcelona.

Being a racing simulator, Racing Masters has excellent graphics and many game modes that will give you realistic gameplay without requiring a thorough study of how to use the controls.

This racing game was announced last year and is currently undergoing all kinds of testing. According to NetEase, it will be released later this year.

Zenless Zone Zero

An action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, Zenless Zone Zero is yet another HoYoverse creation, coming from none other than the creators of Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact. With the immense success seen in those, we can only expect everything from the characters, down to the plot to be extremely well-done and immersive.

Zenless Zone Zero has a futuristic approach, but stays true to the visuals we’ve met in Genshin Impact and Honkai, and elevates them to a whole other level. At the moment we don’t have much information about its official release date, but we can only hope it’s right around the corner because with such a promising trailer, we can see the game being a massive success.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Whilst this list is predominately comprised of upcoming multiplayer mobile games, there are a few singleplayer options to look forward to, including Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. Square Enix has always respected mobile as a platform, and their latest announcement is an exciting prospect for fans of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a role-playing game that will receive monthly, episodic instalments. It will retell the stories from a plethora of Final Fantasy games, including Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus. Players can also tackle the story in whichever order they prefer.

Battlefield Mobile

Mobile games are constantly improving and, finally, they can offer players really massive battles on large maps. This game is the debut of the Battlefield series on mobile devices. We’re looking forward to it as the developers have proven themselves to be the forerunners of the big multiplayer shooters.

You and your team will take part in battles on both new and old maps and modes. Gradually you will unlock various weapons and body kits for it. Various vehicles, from ATVs to tanks, will also take part in the battles.

The game will take from Battlefield the chaos and entertainment that players love. This will be facilitated by excellent graphics and the destructibility of buildings on the maps.

Battlefield Mobile was announced last year and is due this year. More news and early reviews coming soon.



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