Eat Your Way Around the World at Norcross’ Ethnic Restaurants

Eat Your Way Around the World at Norcross’ Ethnic Restaurants

The hip and artsy city of Norcross, Georgia, is known for its wide variety of music, food, and art. There are many ethnic restaurants in the city, especially those serving Cuban, Mexican, and Thai cuisine. If you are planning a visit to Norcross, here are four of the best ethnic restaurants in the city.

Mojito’s Cuban American Bistro

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For some delicious and authentic Cuban fare, make sure to plan a visit to Mojito’s Cuban American Bistro. Their food is delectable and quite affordable. Some highly recommended options are the empanada sampler, the roast pork with beans and rice, and the hearty stuffed plantains. Finish off your meal with guava cheesecake, mango pie, or pineapple custard, which are some of Mojito’s specialties. Mojito’s is also home of the “bay leaf challenge” in which customers who find a bay leaf in their entree receive a free beverage of their choice.

Siamese Basil Thai Restaurant

If you are in the mood for Thai cuisine, definitely stop by Siamese Basil Thai Restaurant, which has excellent reviews and is highly recommended by customers. This family-owned business has an extensive menu with many different stir-fry dishes, Thai curries, and noodles. Enjoy a cold glass of Thai iced tea with your meal, and sample some coconut ice cream, crispy banana, and rice with mango for a sweet treat. 

The restaurant owners use only fresh, high-quality ingredients and Head Chef Chatchai is well-versed in traditional Thai cooking techniques. In addition to familiar Thai dishes, the menu also features some of the chef’s own special creations. 

Taqueria Del Mar Bar and Grill

If you like traditional Mexican dishes, you don’t want to miss Taqueria Del Mar. The atmosphere is casual and the food is affordable but delicious. There are many different kinds of tacos and burritos, plus amazing starters such as homemade guacamole and ceviche. Taqueria Del Mar also has a well-stocked bar serving up margaritas and specialty cocktails as well as many varieties of tequila, wine, and beer. 

There are many great hotels in Norcross so you can easily find a place to stay that is close to the restaurant. This is a great bonus if you are planning to enjoy alcohol with your meal and don’t want to spend a lot of money on cab fare. 

I Luv Pho

Do you love pho? If the answer is yes, you won’t want to miss this authentic Vietnamese restaurant! While not fancy, the food is hearty and reasonably priced, with rich, flavorful broths, filling meats and noodles, and plenty of fresh vegetables. In addition to pho, they have banh mi sandwiches, pork and chicken dishes, and bubble tea. They also provide lots of meat-free options, so if you are a vegetarian you don’t need to worry. 

Norcross, Georgia, is a wonderful place to experience, especially if you enjoy historic yet hip cities. If you are a food enthusiast, Norcross is also a great destination with its highly-rated ethnic restaurants. If you are planning a trip to Georgia, definitely check out the Norcross restaurant scene for a great foodie experience!


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