Get Ready for Intense Pleasure with Our Thrusting Machine

Get Ready for Intense Pleasure with Our Thrusting Machine

A thrusting machine is a sex toy that thrusts two dildo-like objects into the vagina or anus while rotating or vibrating. It’s an easy-to-use sex toy that allows stimulation of the g-spot, clitoris, and prostate with rotation. Most thrusting machines vibrate, so thrusting action can be achieved through the rotation of shafts inside the vagina and anus. The toy is best for solo play or with a partner for penetration play. Some thrusting machines have adjustable speeds for vibration and rotation, so you can control the intensity of stimulation. Thrusting machines are small in size and can be easily stored away in drawers or cupboards when not in use. They are discreet and ideal for couples who want to experiment with penetration play or those who are unable to orgasm from penetration alone.


In this blog, we will cover all you need to know about thrusting machines: benefits, advantages, disadvantages, how to use it safely, etc. So if you’re looking to add thruster action to your sex life but aren’t sure where to start, this blog will help get you on your way!


Thrusting vibrators offer enhanced pleasure for both partners due to deeper penetration than regular vibrators. They also provide a range of speeds and functions for a tailored experience, making them an ideal sex toy for beginners and experts alike.


Thrusting dildos offer a hands-free way of exploring sexual pleasure. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your preferences, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to experiment with sex toys. Plus, they can be used with water-based lubricant for heightened pleasure and stimulation


Thrusting fibers can be used to explore G-spot and clitoral stimulation. They feature multiple speeds and vibration patterns to cater to every sexual need and preference, making them a versatile sex toy you can’t go wrong with


Apart from offering enhanced pleasure, thrusting vibrators are also highly rated for their effectiveness in stimulating the clitoris and vagina, making them the perfect sex toy for any situation

Increased sexual pleasure

The thrusting dildo is a sex toy that provides a phallic-like experience and can help users explore new sexual boundaries. These vibrators typically feature a base with multiple vibrational functions, such as rotating shafts or beads, which allow for enhanced stimulation and penetration. They are also generally comfortable enough to use solo or with a partner. However, they can be more powerful than traditional vibrators and may require a partner to provide clitoral stimulation during use.


A thrusting dildo is made from durable material, such as silicone or steel, that can withstand the rigors of sex without breaking down easily. Additionally, some dildo vibrator models feature remote-control capabilities, allowing the user to control the toy from across the room. These vibrators are also compatible with most erotic lingerie and can be operated with a L-shaped Vac-U-Lock harness for hands-free fun. Overall, thrusting dildo’s powerful vibration and lifelike shape make them an ideal option for sexual stimulation and pleasure.

Increased endurance

Thrusting machines are great for building stronger muscles and increasing your endurance during sex. They can help you orgasm more easily and reach orgasm faster. The machine is easy to use and set up in minutes, making it perfect for couples who want to experience intense, pleasurable sex.


The thrusting machine can be a powerful tool for improving sexual fitness, so it’s important to remember to use safe practices while using it. Remember to always have an eye out for safety guidelines and instructions when using any sex toy. Additionally, safe sex practices should always be followed while engaging in sexual activity with a partner. The best way to have a safe and healthy sex life is to practice safe sex practices every time you have sex.

Increased stimulation

Thrusting vibrators can provide users with double the pleasure thanks to the motor inside that moves to create powerful vibrations. A thrusting dildo is a sex toy with a shaft that moves up and down on a vertical axis driven by a piston, allowing it to be used for both internal and external stimulation. If you are looking for powerful stimulation, the best thrusting dildo has a dial controller and a dual-thrusting mechanism for intense internal stimulation. These toys also reduce risk of friction and ensure maximum penetration pleasure.


Thrusting dildos provide users with a hands-free experience as the top half of the toy moves back and forth at different speeds with the push of a button. If you are new to thrusting vibrators or want something more advanced, our recommendation is the Tenga Iroha thrusting dildo. It features three speeds, as well as suction cup technology that allows users to attach it to any surface for hands-free stimulation. Overall, thrusting vibrators are an effective way to add double the pleasure to your sexual life

Increased muscle strength

Thrusting machines have a bigger thrust distance than handheld options, making them more intense and likely to increase muscle strength. Natural Motion thrusting dildo features a heavy weighted bearing that moves up and down, activating muscle groups with each thrust. These dildos can be used to target specific muscle groups, allowing users to customize the level of intensity they desire.


To maximize the effectiveness of thrusting machines and maximize muscle stimulation, it is best to use them in combination with other types of sex toys and masturbation techniques, such as stroking or penetration. They can also be used to target specific areas of the body, such as the back or legs. By combining thrusting machines with other sex toys and masturbation techniques, users can tailor the intensity of their sexual stimulation and experience orgasm every time they use the toy.

Advantages of using a thrusting machine

-Thrusting dildos are ideal for g-spot stimulation and offer hands-free thrusting fun. They can be used by both men and women to explore new sexual experiences with a partner.

– Their range of speeds and functions allow users to customize their pleasure to suit their needs.

– Generally, thrusting dildos provide more intense stimulation than vibrators, offering enhanced pleasure for both partners.

– They’re also great for solo play, as they can provide realistic styling and a touch of realism. That means they can help with arousal and orgasm control, making them a great addition to any sex toy collection.

– Plus, they’re easy to use and clean, making them a perfect option for anyone looking for hands-free thrills.

Disadvantages of using a thrusting machine

– Maintenance: A self-thrusting dildo machine requires regular maintenance to ensure it is working properly, such as lubricating the toy with a sex toy oil or water-based lubricant and washing it with warm water and mild soap

– Noise: A thrusting machine may be noisier than other vibrating dildo options, due to the three motors it contains

– Cost: A self-thrusting dildo machine can cost anywhere between $100 and $500. This makes them an expensive sex toy, so they may not be suitable for everyone

– Intensity: While they can deliver intense vibrations, thrusting machines are generally too intense for some users and could cause discomfort

– Options: There are fewer options available for a thrusting machine than for other vibrator types, which could make them less versatile and Limit the pleasure you can experience with them.

How to use a thrusting machine safely?

-A thrusting machine provides a powerful thrusting motion that can be enjoyed with or without a partner.

– It is recommended to use a lubricant when inserting the thrusting machine to reduce discomfort and enhance pleasure. Using a lubricant will also make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Lubricant options include water-based lube or silicone-based lube, which may be preferable for individuals with sensitive skin or those who are prone to vaginal dryness.

– Regardless of your preferences, it’s essential to use the thrusting machine slowly and adjust speed and intensity according to your personal preferences. This will ensure you are able to enjoy the experience safely and comfortably.

– After using a thrusting machine, it’s vital to clean it thoroughly to prevent bacteria from spreading between uses. A thorough wipe down is best, followed by a warm cycle in the washing machine or by handwashing with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Ease of use

Thrusting dildo is an easy-to-use sex toy perfect for solo or partner play. These silicone vibrators are designed to provide clitoral and vaginal stimulation with a steady rhythmic motion. These dildo can be used solo or with a partner and operate with complex technology and many moving parts. Plus, they are hands-free devices that can be used as an anal vibrator. If you’re looking for an orgasmic experience that’s easy and fun, thrusting dildo is the perfect choice. They are affordable and easy-to-use sex toys that will provide intense pleasure.

Range of motion

Thrusting machines typically have a significant range of motion compared to handheld thrusting dildos. The range of motion of thrusting machines can be greater than that of handheld versions. This allows users to enjoy a more intense sensation when using them. They are also often designed with more advanced features, such as vibrating motor or shaft rotation, to enhance the sexual experience. Some thrusting machines have a thrusting mechanism built-in, while others require external attachments. Remote-control dildo thrusting dildo shafts do not technically thrust, but instead “jump” using magnetically-induced impulses. All in all, thrusting machines are a great way to pleasure yourself or your partner and offer a more intense sexual experience than traditional dildo penetration.

Adjustment options

Thrusting dildos are sex toys with a shaft that moves up and down on a vertical axis driven by a piston. They are different from thrusting vibrators, which have a rotating shaft. Thrusting dildos can be used interchangeably with thrusting vibrators as they both have a self-thrusting function to provide hands-free stimulation. The best feature of thrusting dildos is the ability to thrust in different directions and speeds, allowing for a range of sexual stimulation. They also have inbuilt stroking movements to simulate intercourse and the top half moves back and forth at different speeds with the push of a button.


If you are looking for an exciting new toy to enhance your pleasure, consider investing in a thrusting dildo. They are versatile and fun to use and can be used solo or with a partner. You can experiment with different types and styles to find one that suits your needs and preferences best. Additionally, thrusting dildos have several safety features built-in, including vibration mechanisms designed to reduce the risk of injury during use.

Stability and comfort

Thrusting dildos offer a hands-free experience for users looking for intense internal stimulation. They are known to be more powerful than regular dildo and vibrator, and they can help you reach orgasm faster. However, thrusting dildo’s vertical mechanism that drives the toy can be noisy, so it’s best to use it with a vibrator or other sound-dampening toy. Plus, thrusting dildo are designed to simulate the sensations of sexual intercourse, so it’s best to use one that suits your preferences and level of experience. If you are looking for thruster that is hands-free and easy to control, self-thrusting dildo are typically rechargeable via USB cord, eliminating the need for batteries.

Pros of using a thrusting machine

If you’re looking for an intense sexual experience, a thrusting machine is the perfect toy for you. Unlike vibrators, thrusters provide a more consistent and powerful stimulation that can lead to orgasm quickly and easily. They also provide deeper penetration than vibrators, making them ideal for exploring new sexual experiences with your partner. Plus, they let you control the intensity of stimulation yourself, making them great partners-in-control toys. They’re also versatile, capable of delivering clitoral or vaginal stimulation depending on your desires. In short, thrusters are a great way to enhance pleasure for both partners.

Cons of using a thrusting machine

Thrusting dildos are a fun and exciting option for sex toy lovers. However, they do have their drawbacks that make them less popular than standard dildos.

– Difficult to control: As the name suggests, thrusting dildo requires a lot of effort and control to use it properly. This can be difficult for first-time users as they could end up injuring themselves due to the intense pleasure and stimulation.

– Higher cost: The high price tag associated with thrusting dildo doesn’t seem justified when compared to silicone dildo that can provide similar stimulation and pleasure with much less cost.

– Requires lube: Using lubrication is essential for using thrusting dildo safely and effectively as it increases sexual pleasure and enhances climax. Without lube, it could cause discomfort or pain for both the user and partner. Also, using lubrication is required to prevent the toy from becoming too slick which can lead to slipping during use.

– Limitations in movement range: Some thrusting dildos lack the ability to move in more directions which makes them less versatile than silicone dildo with different shapes, sizes, and vibrating options.

Why Choose Own Pleasures?

– Own Pleasures offers a wide range of thrusting machines, including dildo machines, thrusting machines, and vibrating sex machines.

– All of Own Pleasures’ thrusting machines come with fast delivery, free shipping, and privacy package. So you can enjoy hands-free stimulation without worrying about delays or tracking problems.

– Own Pleasures’ thrusting machines provide a hands-free, stimulating experience, with adjustable suction power settings, heating and cooling functions, and even remote control capabilities. Whether you’re looking for an intense orgasm or just a bit of extra stimulation, Own Pleothes’ thrusting machines have the features to fit your needs.

– Own Pleasures’ thrusting machines stimulate nerve endings, providing intense sensations and allowing users to easily reach orgasm without manual effort. Plus, their varied designs allow for customization that can make sex feel uniquely satisfying for everyone involved.

Increased pleasure

A thrusting machine is a BDSM toy that produces intense penetrative pleasure through its powerful engine or motor. It can support multiple-angle and multi-height adjustments, allowing for new sex experiences for couples. Some thrusting machines are wireless remote control, which allows for fun and stimulation during sexual play. These vibrators mimic the feeling of true love, providing men with prostate massage and women with orgasmic pleasure. Additionally, technology and medical advancements have made thrusting machines more pleasurable than ever before. As suggested by Maines and Hvistendahl’s works, the penetration-sensing capabilities of thrusting machines have led to an explosion in their popularity among individuals seeking sexual stimulation and thrills.

Stimulation without pain

The Own Pleasures thrusting machine is designed to provide users with pleasurable stimulation without causing them any pain. This machine is equipped with a powerful engine that can transmit intense penetrative pleasure through its adjustable movements. The dual-thrusting mechanism of the thrusting machine allows users to experience sex in a variety of positions, from missionary-style sex to doggy-style sex. It also features a dial controller for close-range use and a wireless remote version for couples to play with.


The Own Pleasures thrusting machine is made with solid stainless steel to ensure its durability and feature a Vac-U-Lock compatible design that allows it to be easily attached to other compatible sex toys for versatile pleasure play. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced sexual partner, the Own Pleasures thrusting machine is sure to provide you with highly pleasurable stimulation.

Increased flexibility and range of motion

The Own Pleasures Thrusting Machine features a dial controller for close-range use, allowing users to easily regulate the machine’s thrusting power. The machine also has a dual-thrusting mechanism that provides users with an intense dual-pulsing experience. This machine can be used solo or with other compatible sex toys and attachments. Its solid stainless steel construction and vacuum-lock base ensure its long-lasting functionality and stability. The Own Pleasures Thrusting Machine is made of high-quality materials, ensuring it is both durable and versatile. This sex machine can be easily customized to suit your specific sexual needs and preferences with the use of optional attachments.


The thrusting machine from Own Pleasures offers users a wide range of options for creating unique sexual stimulation patterns and experiencing different levels of pleasure. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, the Own Pleasures Thrusting Machine has something special to offer you.

Increased stamina

Own Pleasures is a leading manufacturer of sex machines and accessories. Their products are designed to help people achieve increased stamina and increased pleasure. They offer a variety of high-quality products, from vibrating dildos to prostate massagers.


One of the best features of Own Pleasures products is their durability and stability. They are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last. This ensures that users get consistent and powerful stimulation from their sexual machine. Additionally, all Own Pleasures products come with a lifetime warranty, which ensures that they will provide exceptional quality and service over time. Overall, Own Pleasures offers a diverse lineup of high-quality sexual devices that are tailored to suit different sexual needs and desires.

Increased intensity and duration of sexual activity

Own Pleasures is a sex toy company that produces high-quality silicone sex toys. Their thrusting machine is designed to provide intense and lasting pleasure. The machine’s patented design has been proven to increase sexual activity, as it thrusts in different patterns and speeds. Own Pleasures products are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to last longer than other sex toy brands. They pride themselves on providing customers with high-quality products and service at affordable prices. This makes Own Pleasures a customer-friendly sex toy company worth considering for any sexual activity needs.



A thrusting machine is a great way to increase stimulation, endurance and pleasure during sex. In addition to helping with erectile dysfunction, thrusting machines can also help those with premature ejaculation by building stronger erections and increasing orgasmic capacity. Besides, thrusting machines are versatile and easy-to-use. They can be used by individuals of all ages, body sizes, and mobility levels. There are plenty of reasons why thrusting machines deserve a try!


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