Top 5 Institutes in Mumbai for Visual Communication Course

Top 5 Institutes in Mumbai for Visual Communication Course

Visual communication is a new field that holds a lot of scope for students. If you have completed the 12th class and you are looking for something that is not your mainstream profession, then go for the visual communication course in Mumbai. In India, a visual communication designer makes an average annual pay of 6 lakhs. There are many colleges and institutes that provide a BA in visual communication and help you make a great career from it. Following are the top 5 Institutes in Mumbai for Visual Communication Courses-

1 Ecole Intuit Lab

Ecole Intuit Lab has been producing excellent artists for more than a decade now. It offers different programs related to digital design, graphic design, and visual communication. It is one of the best design colleges as it has tie-ups with many foreign institutes for providing students with international exposure. The exchange programs of the college are great for students.

2 Raffles Design International RDI

Internationally recognized BA (Hons) degrees and diploma programs in design are offered by RDI, Mumbai. English is the primary language of instruction, and the syllabus complies with all relevant international requirements. The Institute gives students the freedom to enroll in a course whenever it is convenient for them. Since its founding, Raffles Design International has turned out more than 500 award-winning designers. There are 19 divisions at the institute, located in 18 locations spread over 12 nations. The primary programs of interest include fashion design, interior design, product design, visual communication design, digital media design, and fashion marketing & management. Visual communication has enormous potential in both India and other nations. 

It is a novel course.

3 AAT College

In this institute, the teachers are well-qualified and well-known. The main draw is the visiting professors since they interact with the students in person and impart to them the skills necessary to find employment in the design industry. Both the facilities and the placements at AAT are excellent. Nearly all of the students get placed. You’ll therefore have a lot of choices. By enrolling in this course and developing your skills, you can increase your employment opportunities in this sector.


The college has first-rate facilities and infrastructure. The teachers are very capable, informed, and helpful. Overall, the quality of instruction is excellent. The course material is current and aids in preparing students for the workplace. The infrastructure includes centralized air conditioning and very good, well-maintained tables and chairs. The college has excellent housing amenities. The college places a strong emphasis on giving students useful knowledge.

5 Livewire Media Institute

The benefits of the college include giving the pupils good exposure. There is a degree called BA in visual communications that offers students proper instruction and exposure to all the required tools. It hosts field trips, lab visits, guest lectures, and training sessions with knowledgeable individuals. In addition to this visual communication course, they also give students a platform in the form of placements at the best design college.

If you are interested in the best design colleges then you should definitely check out the above-mentioned institutes because they provide good exposure to the students. After finishing visual communication, candidates may find employment in a variety of industries, including media, photography, cinema, print, and content development, freelancing, journalism, and the advertising sector. Also, many colleges claim that they will provide better placements but make sure that before applying for admission, you check out how the previous placement record of the college has been. This will help you a lot of select the college.


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