Top 7 Games on Roblox in 2022

Top 7 Games on Roblox in 2022

Despite being straightforward, Roblox is incredibly entertaining. Who knows, which is why we have listed the top 7 Roblox games for 2022 today.


Roblox allows you to play the original battle royale game, in which you jump from a moving plane to the battlefield, if you wanted to. As there are no regulations in place for this combat to the death, once you strike the ground you must flee and hide.

Other characters that you can see on the map are being controlled by people just like you, and you will receive up to five different sorts of weapons. As this is a multiplayer game, you must strategically defend yourself. The good news is that you won’t have to wait for the game to conclude if they kill you; instead, you’ll immediately board a jet and return to the battlefield. Playing this combination of Pubg and Roblox is really simple and enjoyable on any computer.

2 Theme Park Tycoon

In this video game, your objective is to satisfy the tourists’ expectations while building your own Disneyland-style theme park. You must provide ever-impressive attractions like roller coasters, snack stands, ferris wheels, rafting canals, and more.

Although there are many possibilities to design your park, the menus and layout are simple to use and do not feel cluttered. But this place isn’t just for having fun; you also need to keep an eye on cleaning and double-check the needs of the general population. To purchase more attractions, you need watch your spending. The leaderboards that motivate players to actively work on the development of their parks make theme park tycoon competitive even if it is not a multiplayer game.

Tunnel Rush

You may resume playing Tunnel Rush now. You may now play this fantastic hypercasual game wherever you go for free! This one is a hypercasual tunnel-running game. Go as quickly as you can through a lengthy, deadly tunnel without getting caught by the enemies. There are many various opponents you must avoid, including traps, fires, and even enemies dressed as innocuous boxes! Whoever completes the longest tunnel run wins.


Game Club

Gacha Club, which is also in the headlines due to its explicit content, is the most popular and viral Roblox game of 2022. Several people criticize the game because of its audience, which is largely younger than teens.

You can plan a party in the game using several narratives. You must design your own clothing, though you can browse online for Best Gacha Club outfit inspiration. Comb your hair to create a variety of brand-new, personalized hairstyles. Whatever fantasy you desire can be turned into a story. Create any situation you can think of once your characters have been created. Choose your preferred background and add pets and items! There are no in-app purchases, making customization entirely free!

Quill Lake Scuba Diving

As the name suggests, this game is an incredibly tranquil underwater journey. Putting on a scuba diving suit and investigating Quill Lake’s depths are involved. Remember to gather the coins scattered over the lake’s bottom as well. You can purchase superior scuba diving gear from them to visit deeper locations.

With the help of this underwater game, you can discover underwater caverns, sunken ships, coral reefs, enigmatic temples, volcanoes, and many other interesting locations. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t just concentrate on the coins because there are so many precious goods that are cleverly concealed that finding them all will be quite difficult.

The best feature of this game is that your buddies can band together to help you when you’re feeling lonesome at the lake’s bottom. You can collectively delve into the deepest and darkest corners. The voyage becomes harder at this point.

Accept Me

The most popular role-playing game on all of Roblox is this one. Have you ever used a simulation game? But, in this game, you can choose between an adoptive parent or an adopted child from there to play as, as opposed to creating your character from start.

To meet the daily demands of your character and its family, you must complete a variety of tasks, but that’s not all. The most recent updates have an intriguing twist in that they have added several collecting critters to take center stage. In order to obtain unique collectibles for the game, you can occasionally take part in exclusive events.

In order to give your game a distinctive style, it also incorporates microtransactions that involve real money.

Unnatural Event

This game includes 16 different maps, each of which will suddenly experience up to 11 different natural disasters, so run for your life. Because you are an island, there is nowhere you can run.

After the game begins, each participant on the server has exactly 20 seconds to prepare and find a good place to hide. Floods, storms, tornadoes, fires, tsunamis, blizzards, sandstorms, acid rain, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and even a meteor shower start the devastation.

The map and eventually all players will be destroyed by it. You should therefore continue to stay vigilant unless you want to be one of the first people to be discovered dead. The sky is one thing that players should take in mind because certain catastrophes only occur when it’s cloudy, and others only occur when the sun is particularly bright.

Do you believe you could survive an apocalypse like the one in Roblox?



There is no apparent path to follow when you escape from prison in this game’s maddening beginning. In jailbreak, you can steal automobiles and loot companies whenever you like, but you should always strive to maintain a low profile. It’s okay; the police are still interested in you.

There’s always the chance to host a gathering in your residence. It’s a crazy game, and how you play it changes the whole experience. If you locate firearms, the game will change into a first-person shooter, or if you decide to live a tranquil life, it will resemble a role-playing game. But why would you select such a dull option when you can smuggle a helicopter and fly over the entire city?

Better prizes become available to you as you go through the game; examples include unlocking safes, upgraded vehicle configurations, and even in-game currency. Prepare yourself since leaving is merely the first step toward a new life.

Second murder mystery

Each server can accommodate up to 12 players, making it one of the best Roblox games ever. There are 10 innocent individuals present, a sheriff tasked with keeping them safe, and a murderer. As an innocent, all you can do do is wander around the map and look into anything that seems off.

But, the murderer, who initially appears to be simply another innocent person, is actually carrying a knife. A player will soon approach them and kill them. The murderer’s intention is clear: he wants to kill everyone, including the sheriff. The sheriff, on the other hand, is armed and has the power to murder; however, before doing so, the sheriff must identify the killer. Otherwise, the character in question risked being instantly killed.

The gun will stay on the ground and be available for pickup by the innocent person who is now referred to be the hero if that person turns out to be innocent. With a selection of maps, he can do the same duties as the sheriff.

You’ll feel a level of distrust and worry playing this mystery game that you’ve never felt before.


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