What Is The Difference Between Overjet And Overbite?

What Is The Difference Between Overjet And Overbite?

Dental patients are often faced with orthodontic issues like overjet and overbite. But they don’t know that these two are common. And in usage, the terms are sometimes used one for the other. However, they are not the same thing. Yes, they are different. And today, it is those differences that we would be talking about.

What is an overjet?

If you’ve heard the term “buck teeth,” then you may have an idea of an overjet. It is an orthodontic condition where the top front teeth stretch externally. This protrusion creates a wide distance between the top and bottom teeth.

It’s not as if the top teeth shouldn’t protrude – it does but just a little over the bottom teeth by 1 to 3mm for healthy teeth, but in an overjet, this extension exceeds 4mm.

How to identify an overjet

You can easily identify overjet by observing your teeth closely. However, for your reference we mention the dental conditions, which take place because of an overjet:

  • Overly extended teeth
  • Withdrawn chin
  • Overly protruded front teeth
  • It happens more frequently than overbites
  • Upper teeth extend far out over the lower teeth

Causes of an overjet

Several reasons can be responsible for this orthodontic problem:

  • Most of the time, people are carriers of this condition from their parents
  • Habits in childhood. Like too much use of the bottle, thrusting the tongue, sucking the thumb can trigger this issue
  • Poorly developed top or bottom jaw. When either of these jaws is not well developed or excessively developed, overjet can set in
  • Margin in arch length. The number of teeth on the top and bottom arch doesn’t correspond with each. In this case, missing teeth in the bottom jaw can make the top teeth stretch too much over the bottom teeth.

Why should I treat an overjet?

This issue should be treated because untreated cases can trigger problems in health, including:

  • Inability to chew and talk
  • Vulnerability to dental trauma
  • Inability to close teeth properly, especially where the protrusion is serious. This could cause dry mouth and heighten the risk of having decayed teeth
  • Low self-esteem
  • Affected persons may experience obstructive sleep apnea

How can overjet be treated?

The orthodontist, in many cases, may recommend aligners and braces to correct an overjet. We treat many people with overjet and underbite at London Braces, following how serious the condition is. Clear aligners can even work, but you should consult your dentist to know if it’s an option. Treating overjet early has a lot of bonuses.

How to identify an overbite

  • Unlike overjet, which affects the horizontal alignment of the teeth, overbite impacts the vertical teeth position. Here, the issue is noticed between the top front teeth and bottom front teeth
  • Very serious cases of overbite see the bottom front teeth digging into the gums at the back of the top front teeth in a closed mouth
  • In a bite, there is little seen of the bottom teeth

What are the causes of overbites?

An overbite may happen due to some reasons:

  • The basic cause of overbite is an excessive eruption of teeth. What this implies is that the teeth grow out excessively and takes a bigger portion of the lower dental arch
  • Like overjet, a poorly developed bottom jaw can also trigger an overbite. In this case, it is known as a skeletal problem. Again, an overbite can be inherited – passed on from parents to children

Why should I treat an overbite?

So many problems can arise when overbite is not treated:

  • Your smile aesthetics will be poor
  • The teeth are subjected to heightened wear since the top teeth cover a greater part of the bottom teeth in a bite. This can also cause bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Severe cases can be such that the bottom teeth are always in contact with the gum at the back of the top teeth leading to weak teeth and gum problems
  • Serious bruxism can wear down the enamel, fracture the tooth and cause loss of teeth

How to treat overbites

Surgery is a typical solution to overbite as imperfections cause it in the jaw’s skeletal structure. However, this correction is done in adults whose jaws are completely developed; as for children with developing jaws, treating the condition on time can do much good.

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Some braces can fix overbite following the serious condition; however, a surgical procedure is needed when the problem is chronic. You will need a dental consultation to know which treatment option will be best. If you need a braces provider, you can come to London Braces. We provide one of the finest treatments for different types of malocclusions, including overbites and overjet.

You can schedule your consultation now to meet with any of our experienced orthodontists. Remember that early treatment for these conditions pay. So if you or your child is diagnosed, please get treated on time.


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