Cleaning and Maintenance of Foam Matting

Cleaning and Maintenance of Foam Matting

Importance of foam mats

Be it for playing purposes or for athletic purposes, foam mats have no other parallel and at the same time, it is highly popular among users for their higher degree of flexibility, durability, and effortless installation. Are you thinking of replacing your regular mats with something comfortable and unique? Foam matting can be the one-stop-destination for you as not only these mats are used for protection, but they can also amp up the exterior of your gym facility centre. In recent years, a plethora of research has been conducted to come up with the development and design of different mats. For instance, in your retail shop, you must need a mat having rough and tough features, while if it is your gym centre, you would have to focus on something with a soft texture.

Entrance mats in the doorway serve as the protector from dirt and stains and keep fetching the prospective customers. The first impression is always the best one and this proverb is also applicable to floor mats. Whether it is the home gym or a commercial gyming centre, nothing is synonymous with convenience. A well-designed gym centre intrinsically pushes the gym trainees to accomplish their fitness goals and to enjoy the feeling of comfort.

Creative usage of foam mats

Foam floor mats are versatile and you can use them for the fulfilment of varied purposes, ranging from protecting against fatal injury and fatal wounds to adding a creative touch to the appearance of a commercial space or your home gym or yoga centre. Looking to cover up the stubborn stains on the floor? Nothing to worry about when the foam mat options are there to come in your rescue from the utter embarrassment in front of the visitors. Here is a sneak peek of the creative usage of foam mats which can let you observe a huge difference in the bottom line.

  • A fun play space-

Even though you are not a gym enthusiast or have less interest in athletic performances, the foam mats can still prove to be handy at any time of your life. For instance, the foam matting is always softer and has a comfy factor in comparison to the tiles and hardwood. Extra large and soft foam mats can pamper your child and encourage them to act according to their heart’s content. In addition to that, by assigning the task of protection to the floor mats you can rest assured that your little ones are going to incur any kind of massive injury. Why not motivate your kiddos to practise different moves at home when the comfy foam mats are there in your domestic space?

  • Using as a camouflage to the stained floor-

Are you skipping the home parties or small celebrations only out of fear of reputational loss due to the stained floor? Gone are those days of tension and acute embarrassment when we have in-store soft foam mats to safeguard your reputation in the public.   

  • Using as beach mat-

Picnic at the park or sea beach appears to be extremely intriguing after a tiring week and this time you can plan outdoor activities by keeping safety on your side. We all know that beach days are stressful and after a fun session, our hearts demand a long repose under the sun. Fortunately, the mosaic foam mats are a perfect fit for your beach days since they are extremely lightweight and easy to carry wherever you choose to go.       

How to clean and maintain foam mats?

The choice of a foam mat is a wise decision that you can make for the sake of the comfort and convenience of your consumers in the gym, but cleaning and maintenance appear to be a daunting task. Taking into consideration your hardship to clean the foam mats, here we have presented some expert tips to clean the mats without damaging the texture or the material of it.

  • Never forget that foam mats have the capability of absorbing water and due to this reason, you will have to spray the soap solution on the mat quickly before the material soaks it up entirely.
  • In the aftermath of scrubbing, it is essential to wipe off the excess amount of water from the mat to keep the external surface of the mat dry.
  • The foam material is extremely soft, but it is hardly suitable for machine washing as it may leave a detrimental impact on both your mat and the washing machine.
  • Bear in mind that the removal of dust and crumbs from the mat is a must to increase the shelf life of your beloved floor mat. However, you can trust a vacuum cleaner for this particular dust removal task.

Final Thoughts

Strategically placing mats in gym centres or commercial spaces can improve productivity and the ability to keep the floor clean creates a lasting impression. Intrigued to discover tips on rubber flooring rolls? Comment below so that we can come back with more informative content and cool tips regarding flooring.


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