Dry Cleaning VS Pressed Laundry: Which one is best?

Dry Cleaning VS Pressed Laundry: Which one is best?

Just like its name suggests, dry cleaning is a process of washing clothes and cloth without any involvement of water. In this cleaning method, clothes a treated properly before they are sent off for washing, this stage is also referred to as the pretreatment stage.

In the pretreatment stage, different kinds of chemicals are applied to the cloth for removing any existing stains which are selected on the basis of the cloth fabric. Later on, in the washing stage, different types of solvents are added to the cloth to cleanse it properly. There are many dry cleaners in NYC who have the right skills and tools with the help of which they can successfully remove any kind of stain from a cloth.

On the other hand, the cleaning process of pressed laundry is completely different from that of a dry cleaning process. In this process, clothes are first washed in a mixture of water and cleaning detergent, sometimes chemicals are also involved in this stage. Then after they are thoroughly rinsed and dried they are pressed or ironed properly before they are folded and sent off to the owners of the clothes.

Although the working processes of these two cleaning methods are very different from one another, dry cleaning is way better for removing stubborn stains and odors from a cloth. Moreover, dry cleaning is more effective in keeping a cloth looking as good as new.

How does Dry Cleaning work?

Dry cleaning is an effective process of removing any stubborn stain or odor from the cloth. To avail of the service of dry cleaning & Wash And Fold NYC, an individual just needs to book the service through a call or website and within no time the company will send someone from their end to pick up the dirty clothes from the doorstep of the individual. Although the cleaning process is divided into a few steps, the whole booking process is quite easy. The different steps of the dry cleaning process are listed below.

  • Tagging clothes – This is the first step in the cleaning process after they are brought from the house of the individual. In this step, clothes are tagged with unique numbers which help in keeping a track of them. These numbers help busy dry cleaners in NYC in identifying which clothes belong to which individual. This is great for avoiding problems of giving the wrong clothes to the wrong person or worse misplacing the clothes.
  • Inspection for stains – This is the second step and here all clothing items are thoroughly checked for any stains, after the stains are identified, they are marked which helps in the stain removal process. This is also a pretreatment stage meaning all buttons or embellishments are covered with a layer of cloth or removed from the cloth so that they don’t get damaged in the cleaning process. Some special chemicals are also used in this stage depending on the material of the cloth.
  • Cleaning stage – In this stage, the pretreated clothes are placed in a dry cleaning machine and washed in an organic solvent suitable for the specific fabric. The machines which are used by dry cleaners in NYC are way bigger than domestic washing machines, thus many clothes can be cleaned in them within a short span of time.
  • Re-inspection – After the washing process is over, the clothes are inspected for the second time to check if the stains and odors have been successfully removed and also for any possible damages. In this step, all the buttons and embellished are also re-attached to the clothes which were removed in the previous inspection stage.
  • Ironing – In this step, dry cleaners give extra time and care to properly iron the clothes for giving them a crisp and freshly dry-cleaned feel. Any possible wrinkles are also removed in this stage with the help of steam ironing.
  • Packaging – After all the above-mentioned steps are complete, the clothes are labeled and packaged properly after which they are sent out for delivery.

What are the different types of solvents that can be used in this process?

Although the process of dry cleaning is very basic, there are different types of solvents that can be used in this cleaning process. Some of these types are listed below.

  • Synthetic petroleum – Synthetic petroleum is used by many dry cleaners in NYC, it is a byproduct that is produced through the manufacturing process of gasoline. This is eco-friendly in nature which makes it better than perc.
  • Siloxane – This is often referred to as green earth and this liquid silicone is devoid of any color or odor. Siloxane can very easily degrade into sand, water, and carbon dioxide.
  • Liquid carbon dioxide – There are multiple uses of liquid carbon dioxide in a cleaning cycle as it is both nonflammable and nontoxic in nature. This type of solvent doesn’t cost much and is easily available which is why it is used by many dry cleaners.

 Key findings

Dry cleaning is a more effective way of removing any stain and odor from a cloth. There are many dry cleaners in NYC who have the right skills and tools to take away the stress of washing clothes from the shoulders of individuals.


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